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Moose International, Colorado Moose Association, and Local Lodges offer scholarships for college education
 The Heart of the Community Scholarship offers $5,000 marit based scholarships to students who's parents, grand parents, or guardian have a Moose membership

The Degree of Higher Order, Presidents, and Lodge Scholarships are available based on varying requirements.

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In addition to scholarship programs the Colorado Moose Association offers a verity of social and charitable programs to meet any ones interest.  Beyond the programs supported listed below that are supported by International programs Local Lodges may choose to support additional programs.    

The Loyal Order of the Moose was established in 1888 and currently has roughly 1,000,000 members representing 2,400 Lodges.  Famous members include US Presidents, Athletes, Actors, and Business Executives.   

Heart of the Community Scholarships
The Moose Youth Awareness Congress offers $30,000 in scholarships annually to students interested in completing community service in the form of Moose Kids Talks.
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